A great day.


Hello again!

 The user “Strangletusk” on the forum Ownedcore.com recruited me on WoW a couple of weeks ago, and the recruited account is the one that I’m botting my new toon on. I didn’t think the “3x EXP” bonus still was active, but apparently it was. Me and Strangletusk made new characters and began leveling. When we hit level 35, i logged on my warrior which i had botted to level 70 alone and granted Strangletusk 35 levels. We were now both were level 70 and the triple experience madness had began. I leveled by hand along with Strangletusk from level 70 to 81 in only one day.

And there is even more great news!

 I found an old electric piano in the addict and sold it for 220 euro. With the money I upgraded from one, to three screens! World of Warcraft becomes even more beautiful than what it usually is, trust me!

http://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz188/Seb_Ferraro/Gaming/WoW/WoW2012-08-2513-57-19-69.jpg ~ a screenshot of the docks in Stormwind with 5670×1080 resolution 

But I know that WoW isn’t made, nor at all optimized, for the use of three screens. All the windows in the game (such as the trade window), the party frame and the character frame are in the complete left end of the screen. The map, and so on, is on the complete right end of the screen. This is annoying since you must turn your head in order to see who to heal, read quest objectives and so on. But I found an quite easy fix to these problems. The addon “move everything” made it possible for me to move everything to the center of the screen.

Today was a good day!

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