Today I began botting while watching “Hannibal” the series. After I watched the first episode I went to check on my bot and got greeted by a disconnect screen. I had encountered my first error in the profile. I was forced to manually complete the quest, which was quite hard since I hadn’t organized any of my abilities or key-binds.
Another problem I’ve encountered is that the bot is doing way to low level quests. For example, when I was level 35 and it was questing in level 30 zones making leveling really slow. Is it always like this with Kick’s profiles or am I doing something wrong?
But apart from the downs with this issue, there’s some ups too! It completes almost all of the quests in the areas it bots in. This helps me to discover a lot of interesting quests that might have some exploiting potential. Yesterday for example, I found this quest called Raging River Ride. It’s a server controlled vehicle quest, and there’s often ways to exploit those by pet battles, teleporting to different places while hopping on the vehicle and so on.

Anyway, a new milestone has been reached! Reached level 40 in 18 hours.

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