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Gw2Minion is one of the best bots I have ever seen. It is very easy to use and the community is nice and growing steadily. The game is quite profitable, which makes botting a joy. The reason for 4 stars is to leave something for future reviews. This is a VERY GOOD bot!


I was asked by some of our members to test MMOMinion for GW2.I have to say that I was a bit reluctant to do so, because I haven’t really played GuildWars2 since I hit 80 a few weeks after release. However, I decided to give it a go anyways.

I won’t test the bot for leveling, as the members who approached me, were interested in hearing how the bot was at farming.


gw21 gw23

Normal-Key: Allows up to 2x GW2Minion on the same computer.
Multibot-Key: Allows up to 5x GW2Minion on the same computer.

Website and forum:

First of all, their website looks nice, it easy to navigate and to buy their products.

When it comes to the forums, they are quite active, especially with the different profiles. There are a plethora of profiles and the community members create and releases more all the time. One negative thing, if I must mention one, is that some of the releases are written in German and are therefore hard to understand. The replies usually fix this though.


This is what they say are “planned features” on their website, but I had a talk with the dev to get to know what is already implemented:

  • Fully Automated Fighting and Grinding in PvE as well as PvP, structured PvP, Tournaments and World vs World PvP
  • Harvesting of all kinds of Ressources, Item-Selling , repairing of your equippment and a lot more
  • Highly advanced Navigation System with ingame 3D Navpoint Editor
  • Predefined leveling paths with Questing and nearby Event farming
  • Full Background and Multiclient Support!
  • Lovely ingame GUI, Radar and other helping visualizations
  • Assist Tools for PvP, like a lazymode, where the bot handles the casting and you just move around
  • Open LUA API, for individual coding and advanced customization
  • Easy installation and Setup! <- indeed
  • Probably the best Support you have ever seen (Get indivudual Help in our Live Chat, Ticket System or Forum) 🙂 <- true, very helpful people
  • Complete integrated 3D Radar for Items, Enemies and other things (Wallhack-like!)
  • Highly advanced build in security system to keep your accounts save
  • A lot more features that users want are getting implemented or even coded by other users in our forum and community

Of all this, the pvp and worldpvp is still a bit shaky, the multiclient support is working, but could be better and should be fixed next week.

Installation and setup:

Installation and setup was really easy, particularly, if you have used a bot before. I even think it is easy without having used one. The tutorial section is extensive and easy to use. In fact it was so easy that I will give you a quick recap of what I did.

Downloaded MMOMinion -> unpacked it -> ran the updater -> downloaded a profile -> ran the bot -> started the bot. That is actually it, so as long as you are contempt with using public profiles, using this bot will be a walk in the park.  See my video how easy it is.

The only thing that annoyed me was the fact that I had to download a plugin, in order to get the bot to automatically eat my Magic find food.

It will also salvage your stuff, if you have salvage tools in your bags.

Gearing the botter in GW2:

Gearing your precious level 80 farmbot, is easy and almost free, in GW2. I had 25 gold and I was able to replace all gear with exotics (second highest tier). You do the math and evaluations on your own if it is cheap or expensive.

Ingame gold:

I, as a NEW user of MMOMinion, am able to make 1-3 gold per hour, this is even over an hour timeline, which is quite good, considering the antifarming measures that are in place in GW2. Remember, this is with my new character, new bot, and poor knowledge of what things are worth.  This is at 80 J

However, even using the bot at level 40ish can be profitable, I teamviewed another botter, and he made around 1 gold per hour as well.

IRL money to be made?

Well, Gw2 and MMOMinion can easily be run in vmware, which means that you can bot effortless, even on remote computers. However, MMOMinion and GW2 can easily be run multiple sessions and accounts minimized on the desktop too, so I don’t know why you would use vmware, I just do as I run on a remote machine.

This example is how it looks on MY SERVER right now at my usual website:

Bot time: 10 hours

GPH: 1½

Total gold: 15 gold

Sell price per gold: 70 cent

Profit: $10,5 USD per day, per account 🙂


Many LUA modules are available, both made from the dev team and from the community. An example is the automated arrowcard apocalypse, which allows you to be afk on a castle in WvWvW, shooting the arrowcard automatically without LOS over 10000+ distance without anyone noticing a thing. Thus allowing you to collect bags without getting hit once 😉

Final Notes:

I hope you enjoyed this review and that it answered your questions. If not, have fun botting and good luck, let’s hear your experiences with MMOMinion too.

You can buy it here:



Features to come soon – according to the dev:

Improved multibotting – meaning group botting

Map and profile changing to circumvent the antifarm system from anet!



  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Fully Automated Fighting and Grinding in PvE and World vs World PvP
  • Harvesting
  • Item-Selling
  • Repairing
  • Mesh navigation system
  • Questing and nearby Event farming (Questing sort of working)
  • Full Background and Multiclient Support!
  • Ingame GUI
  • Radar
  • Assist Tools for PvP
  • Open LUA API
  • Easy installation and Setup!
  • 3D Radar for Items, Enemies and other things (Wallhack-like!)
  • Relogging
  • Stop on broken armor – If repair is not found
  • Active chat function
  • Remote stats
  • Auto join pvp
  • Auto Auction(Trade post)
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  • Wes says:
    5 stars

    Hey bud I saw you post on a few gw2 bot forums and I wanted to know which bot you thought was the best?

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    • Schack says:

      I would say that at the moment it is gw2minion.
      Other companies are bringing on exciting products soon though 🙂

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  • Weeze says:

    Can it be USD on a mac?

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