Hearthstone Review


Hearthstone Beta review

What is Heartstone?

Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital strategy card game that anyone can enjoy. Players choose one of nine epic Warcraft heroes to play as. They then take turns playing cards from their decks to cast potent spells, use heroic weapons or abilities, or summon powerful characters to crush their opponent.

Heroes of Warcraft or Hearthstone is not just for players of World of Warcraft or of the WOW TCG—those that enjoy The Gathering and otherCCGs will love it as well. It has similar mechanics to other games like it, including spells, attacking, focusing on heroes rather than mobs in order to win and choosing the correct strategy to win the game.

The feel of the game

As usual with Blizzard games, even in betas, Hearthstone feels done and ready to launch. You start with a hero and you need to work your way through the intro hero enemies. In which you will encounter characters like the infamous Hogger and Illidan Stormrage.

Upon completion of the introduction to the game (6 heroes you need to defeat) you will be able to play against your battlenet friends Online or to do the practice mode.

Hearthstone Practice mode is where you unlock other heroes, heroes well known from WoW, it is simply the classes that we all know: Hunter, druid, mage etc. You unlock them by defeating them in battle.

practice mode

Below you can see my starting deck against a practice opponent. The diamond in the upper left corner of each card tells you how many Mana Crystals it will cost you to play this card. You start with 1 Crystal and then you earn an additional for each round until you reach 10 Mana Crystals. The Blood in the right corner shows your HP, the sword your attack points.

confirm deck - practice mode
The battle itself is the same all the time, so I am not all that impressed, but some may like it. The random cards that your opponents receive seems to be somewhat overpowered, specially the Taunt ability (you have to attack that card before any others and yes I am a sore loser and just lost a battle due to that card!!). Though, as I can understand from others, it seems that it could simply be a matter of my deck not being up to par and in all honesty I think they are right. Naturally, the way that you build your deck can be a way to make the game better and more interesting.

ongoing battle


Is it similar to WoW? Well in some cases Hearthstone Beta is similar to WoW:

  • Reliable quirky visuals with a sense of humor – always good for a nice comment
  • The same “beloved” soundtrack – let us put custom music please
  • Similar nine characters of representation (each with unique ability and specific card types)
  • Some of the same weapon cards for Hearthstone heroes (from WoW heroes)
  • Same available card occurrence levels (common, rare, epic, legendary)
  • The exact Blizzard trademark art style (shown on interface and board) which players know and trust

Other good things

  • Every card can be upgraded to a better version (Pay to win? 🙁  )
  • Earn medals each week if you do well (achievements anyone?)
  • The Al is an optional opponent (available in a range of difficulty levels)
  • Any purchase made during beta trial gets credited back to the player at launch (in the form of unopened card packs)


Negative thoughts

I can only come up with few negative thought and that is micropayments and the pay-to-win scheme that I think will be the way that Heroes of Warcraft / Hearthstone will be. I hope to be wrong, but I just don’t believe it.
I personally didnt find the game to be that interesting, but that is my subjective opinion.


To sum it up

I think that Hearthstone will be an instant success, but I don’t know how long the players will be captivated by the game. It didn’t keep me interested for all that long, but maybe that will change once I figure out how to use it as a drinking game and or play with friends through battlenet.




Feel free to ask me any questions.




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