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Honorbuddy is arguably the largest bot currently on the market, and not without good reason. Its user friendliness and easy setup are some of the features that make it so popular with new and experienced botters alike.


Honorbuddy is arguably the largest bot currently on the market, and not without good reason. Its user friendliness and easy setup are some of the features that make it so popular with new and experienced botters alike.

But just how simple is HonorBuddy? How does it fair up in terms of ease of use to the other bots that have occupied the market? In this review I will analyze the bot and determine just how easy it is for a new user to use. I will be judging this on a scale of one to ten, ten being very easy.

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Simple Setup Time 9/10
Honorbuddy is ridiculously fast to setup; all you have to do is download a profile then run the bot. If you want to do more than just generic questing then it takes a little bit extra, but for simple setup time this bot gets a ten.

Customizability 6/10
This is the one area where I think Honorbuddy falls short. While it’s very easy and fast to setup the bot to do just what you want, it’s hard to have complete control over it. Making profiles can be difficult for a new user and there is no way to have complete control over your combat routines unless you know C#. While it doesn’t have easy complete customizable setup like pirox did, it does have a great default combat class, and is backed by a strong community always developing more. While I give honorbuddy a low score on this area don’t take it with too much weight, while it may not offer as much single user customizability as other bots did it doesn’t need it. Most things you want can be found with community made plugins, custom classes, and profiles; however because it requires some more advanced knowledge to make these this score is lower.

Bugs 9/10

When I say “Bugs” I mean the amount of bugs there are and the time and stress dealing with them cause, in this category a higher score is still better. Honorbuddy does have some bugs; however you may or may not encounter them. Most bugs with this bot can be fixed with a quick restart or reinstall of the bot; others however are more difficult to figure out. Luckily there is a support forum right on the site where helpful staff can normally help you out and answer all your questions right away. While all bots have bugs I give honorbuddy a 9 out of 10 because in my personal experience I have encountered a lot, however there as some who have encountered very little.

Player Likeness 6/10
Player likeness means how well the bot does at looking like a regular player. Honorbuddy is one of the least bot-like bots I have ever seen, but it is still very easy to tell when someone is running it. Honorbuddy is good at unsticking itself and fighting like a normal player, but because it uses click to move it has the classic bot look when running and flying.

Range of Ability 10/10
Honorbuddy has a great range of ability, it can do almost anything you want it to. If you want to quest, pvp, grind, play the ah, farm, gather, dungeon, then honorbuddy can do it for you. The only things it is not able to do is group questing and cataclysm dungeons, but those features are coming soon. Honorbuddy is by far the most versatile bot ever made and it excels in all areas it was designed for.

Ability to Run 24/7 10/10
Honorbuddy, when used with aRelog, can run 24/7 and work. With honorbuddy you can link profiles together, so you could have your bot farm, sell goods on the auction house, then farm some more. This is one feature that makes honorbuddy great and it’s very easy to do because of the great community releases.

Difficulty of Advance Setup 8/10

This bot is really easy to setup to do advanced things, thanks to plugins mainly. While I have seen lots who have a hard time setting up the bot, the majority of people I know are able to setup very easily, without reading any guides. However, if you do have troubles setting it up then you are in luck, there is a whole forum section dedicated to helping users setup the bot! With no programming knowledge at all you can setup the bot to do just what you want it to do, all it takes is a little effort. While I give this section an 8 out of 10 it is nowhere near as involved or hard to setup as other bots, such as pirox.

Overall 8.4/10

Honorbuddy is a great and easy bot to use, if you want to do something simple, then it is easy to setup, if you want something more advanced then it may take some more time. The key feature that makes honorbuddy great is the strong community that backs it, without their releases and plugins the bot would not be half as good as it is today. While you may not be able to customize it exactly how you want it, you can get pretty close thanks to plugins and community made custom classes. The bot can do almost anything you want it to, and do it well. If you want a bot for World of Warcraft then there is no better bot than honorbuddy.

  • Injection
  • Windows
  • Auto Train skills and talents
  • Professions Leveling
  • Node farming
  • Battleground farming
  • Skinning
  • Fishing pools farming
  • Auto Mail
  • Auto Sell Items
  • Mesh
  • Warden protection
  • Allows plugins
  • Allows 1-90 questing
  • Relog on disconnect
  • DC on GM whisper/keyword
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Waypoints
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Conclusion Rating
Setup Time
5 stars
3 stars
5 stars
Player Likeness
3 stars
Range of Ability
5 stars
Ability to Run 24/7
5 stars
Difficulty of Advance Setup
4 stars

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  • NCHeel says:
    3 stars

    I’ve used Honorbuddy for over a year and overall it’s a decent bot. I think what sold me to this bot was the very active community that it had. There are a large number of developers that create plug-ins, profiles etc. for this bot.

    PROS: Great options, easy to customize routes and devs are great at supporting their plug-ins.

    CONS: Injection, Bot moves like a bot, HB support has gone downhill, Community will flame most people that post in threads, Dev’s are no longer allowed to offer links to their work. Everything has to stay on the HB site or SVN.

    The first 2 cons are the most important to me, as I’ve had 0 bans to date with multi-bots running. The support/forum rules is what pushed me to move on to another bot.

    Overall the last few months I’ve honestly have gotten discourage with the direction this company is moving and if the admins don’t loosen up their belts, I believe they will be lacking developers and future dev’s that volunteer their time to make HB what it is.

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  • walik says:

    Very good site and review’s i would just like a review for each game too, is that possible? About the gold number and how profitable they are? And a review for SWTOR too would be nice! Keep up with your good work 😉

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    Rating: -3 (from 5 votes)
    • Schack says:

      Good idea, I will try to write how much gold and IRL cash can be made with each bot. However when it comes to actual GAME reviews, I think there are much better sites out there for it. SWTOR is very easy to bot and can be done without any hasle, or almost without any trouble, Since it is done through space missions. WHEN I did it, before my ban, I was making around 11USD per account per 4-5 hrs.. The numbers should still be the same and was doable in vmware, meaning you could rent computers and run the bots through vmware.

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  • http://google.com says:

    “Honorbuddy Review” was indeed definitely pleasurable and useful!
    In the present day universe that is difficult to do.

    With thanks, Alva

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  • Linda C. Marino says:

    I must get in touch with your company and there are no phone #’s listed. I have been charged a fee of over $33 and NEVER heard of you or made a purchase from you. Contact me immediately before I take additional action. This might be a harmless error, then correct it.

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    Rating: -8 (from 14 votes)
    • Schack says:

      yeah… this company “onlinebotters” sells so many things 😛

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