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Price: $29.95

MmoViper Neverwinter Bot does the job. There are a few hickups, but those could be because of the short life of the bot so far.


I will update this Neverwinter Bot Review since both the game and the MmoViper bot is new. Plus I will have a more accurate description of the bot when I have tested other bots for Neverwinter


Setup time = 4 stars.

This Neverwinter bot, from the MmoViper team is not really that intuitive but the forums have posts on how to set things up, takes just a bit of reading. Took me about 15 minutes to start it up and to run a profile.

Customizability = 4 stars.

Lots of options to choose from, would love an explanation for each option though, but the bot is new so this should come soon. The forums are active and people are eager to help you out. Making your own routes seems simple enough. Rotations are pretty easy to set up, forums also helped with this. Different rotations makes the bot look more himan-like.

Player Likeness = 2½ stars

Unfortunately the movement of the Neverwinter Bot seems quite botlike at the moment, nor does it have any advanced combat, like can’t move out of AoE or melee range skills. I couldn’t get it to run while afk, died a few times during testing, can’t use potions to heal when needed. I think you can add potions to the rotation but you should be able to make it use potions when needed.

Range of Ability = 3 stars.

You can run simple routes and rotations, loot the mobs you kill but cannot run quests and can’t loot skill nodes. Maybe those things are to come soon, the bot is new.

Ability to run 24/7 = 2 stars.

As i mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t run this while afk. The bot seems to get stuck in some places, you die quite often sometimes and I wasn’t able to get it to run in the background.

Difficulty of advanced setup =  4 stars.

Really not that hard. As i mentioned already, the forums help with most of the issues you might run in to. With the features it right now has it isn’t that complicated.


The Neverwinter Bot stops working when you go out of focus of game, tho this might be fixed soon. It gave me some handle error that i just clicked away, didn’t seem to affect anything else.

EDIT: Apparently the background bot was already fixed 1½ hours after i submitted it to the devs.


So to sum it up, MmoViper Neverwinter Bot does the job. There are a few hickups, but those could be because of the short life of the bot so far. Please remember to check back every so often as I will update this review.


This is what they say on their website

paypal Memory / Offset Based Leveling Bot
This is a fully created bot from the ground up and was the official first NeverWinter Online Bot on the market. This is NOT an NWO Pixel Bot.

paypal Ability To Bot As Any NWN Class
You can now bot as any class you want and not just with ranged combat.

paypal Built In NW Radar Hack
You can now see pretty much everything with this radar, use it to help you find specific mobs, or use it to spy on players around you.

paypal The Best Priced Neverwinter Bot Out There
Other bots just create a quick script thats not even a real bot and sell it for far more than its worth. We believe in a fair price, so we charge the lowest price for a bot out there and we give you access to EVERY bot we have supported or will support with your active membership.

paypal Make Money Using The NWO Bot For Gold Farming
Run the bot for one week and use it to kill mobs and make you rich. The bot will pay for itself easily. Or if you want some extra cash use the bot to create your own Gold selling company.

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Conclusion Rating
Setup Time
4 stars
4 stars
Player likenes
2 stars
Range of ability
3 stars
Ability to run 24/7
2 stars
Difficulty of advanced setup
4 stars

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  • MMOViper says:
    5 stars

    Thank you for your review. We are definately working bugs and adding more features, keep checking back.

    Just to touch on one point, to add potions, just add them as a hotkey rotation.. and put in your health that you want to press the potion key. So if you set it to 50% health, it will use the potion at 50%.

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  • Michael Boswell says:

    Bought this programme yesterday and still can not get it to work. Followed all the info on the video but still cant get the prog to work, must be doing something wrong.

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