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PocketGnome review – The #1 WoW bot for MAC

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Price: $25 USD

PocketGnome is one of the best bots out there, despite the fact that they don’t really have any competitors. PocketGnome offers a large range of different options and can do most of what you would want for a bot.


EDIT: Pocketgnome is no longer available as it was shut down by Blizzard. Please look at HonorBuddy instead


PocketGnome is, at the moment, the only World of Warcraft bot for Mac computers. However, this doesn’t mean that their bot is not good. PocketGnome is one of the best bots out there, despite the fact that they don’t really have any competitors. PocketGnome offers a large range of different options and can do most of what you would want for a bot.

Where to buy and pricing
You need to register to buy the bot, which is a onetime fee of $25 USD, you do that by pressing one of the links below.

1 month $8.99 USD per month.
3 months $7.99 USD per month.
6 months $6.99 USD per month.

The pricing works like WoW, the initial $25USD is the cost of the bot and then you have a small monthly fee afterwards.
I didn’t want to write this review in the way you would normally write a review. We all know what Pocket Gnome can and can’t do. It’s an advanced WoW bot so it can basically do everything you want it to do. However, there are a few things I’d like to point out because I feel PocketGnome excels at certain functions.
It doesn’t matter what you want to farm, this bot can farm it for you. With Pocket Gnome’s simple routing, behaviour and combat profile system it’s super easy to switch from Herbalism and Mining to farming mobs.
Remote Monitoring
Something I’ve noticed in other bots like Honorbuddy is that they have a plugin system but not a built-in remote monitoring system. Pocket Gnome does have this and it’s hosted on the Pocket Gnome website.
Pocket Gnome can quest and it can do it well. In PG you don’t have to mess around with XML files anymore. You simply start recording, and do your quests. Even though making actual questing profiles is meant to be done by the more advanced Pocket Gnome users, it’s not at all hard to do. After two days of messing around with Pocket Gnome I had made my own level 1-5 questing profile.
Battleground mode
Yes, Pocket Gnome does battlegrounds as well. All you need to do is set the desired battleground and the bot can do this. During the waiting you can continue to farm / herb / skin / grind whatever. It ill enter the battle ground, finish it then go back to what it was doing prior to the battleground starting.
Advanced professions
Because Pocket Gnome uses a ground breaking way of making profiles, you can use it to make your own ‘bots’. This means that eventhough it’s not programmed in the original bot, you can always adjust your route to simply do your professions work for you. Even if the things you need it to do are very advanced you can still make your route do it.
Yeah that’s right, Pocket Gnome doesn’t inject so the chances of you getting banned are very low. If you’re looking to bot really safely, this is probably the way to go. Luckily, even though the bot doesn’t inject, it can still do what every other bot can do. I’d even say it’s better at some things.
Feel of the bot
Looking at the layout of Pocket Gnome puts a smile on my face. Not only is it easy to use its simply functions (start the bot, stop the bot, load a route, etc.), it’s also extremely easy to navigate your way through the more advanced functions. Something I noticed about Pocket Gnome is that you don’t feel like you’re using someone elses software. It feels more as if you have a framework that you can work with. You’re not just clicking a button and hoping it’ll work out. It feels like you’re building your own private bot.
Release the Gracken! WAKE UP THE GOBLIN!
So you’re a botter, now what if you want to be a hacker too? You can! Pocket Gnome has a couple of built in hacks that you can use while botting as well. This DOES inject into WoW however, so use it at your own risk. ‘Pocket Goblin’ as it is called, requires a separate subscription of $2.99 USD per month.
Here’s the list of usable hacks:

  1. Track all units
  2. Wall walk
  3. Disable afk check
  4. Track all objects
  5. Enable P(rotected)LUA

Compare and conclude
Because Pocket Gnome is the only WoW bot for Mac OSX I can’t compare it to any of its serious competitors (it has none) so let’s compare it to the best Windows WoW bot out there at the moment, Honorbuddy.

Something I really like about Pocket Gnome is the layout/the UI. It’s easy to learn and even easier to use eventually. Coming to think of it, the entire bot is easy to use. This is something I’ve missed from other bots like Honorbuddy. Pocket Gnome is easier to navigate, easier to make routes for, easier to make custom classes for. Basically, it’s just a lot easier.

  • Linux
  • Mac OSX
  • Auto Train skills and talents
  • Professions Leveling
  • Node farming
  • Battleground farming
  • Skinning
  • Fishing pools farming
  • Auto Mail
  • Auto Sell Items
  • Mesh system
  • Allows 1-90 questing (Release March 1st 2013)
  • Windows
  • Injection (this is a good thing)
  • Warden Protection (No injection, so not needed)
  • DC on GM whisper/keyword
  • Allows plugins
  • Relog on disconnect





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