Week 2 – Diablo 3 RMAH bug and Gw2 money

So not a lot going on this week, but I did have time to setup some Guild Wars 2 Bots as well as my Diablo 3 bots. I haven’t had my Guild Wars 2 bots running as much as I actually wanted, so therefore I thought it would be a good idea to start again now.

On one hand, I can currently sell my gold at 0.2 EURO per gold if I wish to sell it to goldsellers rather than private buyers. On the other hand I can sell it to private buyers for 1.2 Euro per gold.
When it comes to Diablo 3 moneymaking, I was able to sell my 200 gold on RMAH at the start of the week and another 200 later on the week. Other than that I sold 2 echoing fury and an Immortal Kings helmet for a total of 45 Euro this was on the first half of the week.
The patch in Diablo 3 introduced a bug on the EU RMAH, as I mentioned earlier, and I haven’t sold more than the 400 million gold. I did manage to do some shuffling and bought gold cheap on EU and resold on UK RMAH, thus making me a good profit due to the bug.

Some of you have been asking me about my GW2 adventure and as I said earlier, I started botting again. I have been group botting with high percentage of magic find, which really increases my gold per hour, from what I have noticed I range around 6-8g per hour with the two accounts, so 3-4 per account.

I have been botting the Karkas, Grawls and earth elementals, occasionally getting lucky with the lodestones from elementals and getting 3-4 lodestones per hour. Thus making my gold per hour per account go up to 12, however, I consider this to be really lucky and more of a coincidence than something I expect to happen regularly. I have been really impressed with how well MMOMinion has been working and how bugfree it is. My gold income this week in Guild Wars 2 has been 200gold and I sold 85 of it to my private buyers at 1.2 and 50 to goldsellers.

So let’s recap this week:
45 Euro : From 3 items on Rmah
50 Euro : shuffling the EU UK RMAH
89 Euro: 400 million D3 gold
102 euro: 85 GW2 gold – Private buyers
15 euro: 50 GW2 gold – gold sellers
Total of €298 Euro, in a week where I only botted until Wednesday in Diablo 3 as my private bot is currently not functioning. Hopefully I will be able to bot tomorrow again.


If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to post.

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